Tuesday, February 7, 2017

An Unexpected Snow Day

Yesterday, I took the day off from work. The Monday after Superbowl is pretty much always a slow day at work, and this year I planned to sit it out.
What I didn't expect was the large snowstorm that moved in on the Seattle area on Sunday evening. I rarely get time to watch the evening news these days, and I hadn't checked the weather forecast in days. It was a nice surprise for me! I love the snow, and I like living in an area where snowfall is common. After all, just about every year that I've lived here, we've had at least one snow day. Also, the mountains with their ski resorts and winter playgrounds are just over an hour drive from my house, so it's always easily accessible in the winter.
Sara had an appointment downtown yesterday, and afterwards, I dressed her in her little snowsuit and took her into the back yard. I built a baby sized snowman, and gave her a snowball to check out. I let her brush some snow off from a tree and the fence posts, and then she laid back on her little blanket as the falling flakes landed on her face.
After our fun outside, she napped all wrapped up in her blanket while I turned on the fireplace and made some peppermint hot chocolate. Outside, the snow was falling even more, and I sat and watched it.
I was thankful for the peaceful winter day, and that my vacation day home with Sara was even more special. 

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