Friday, December 2, 2016

Turkey Day Traditions

Wow! Thanksgiving has come and gone already! It seems like Halloween was just last week! The holidays come by so quick this time of year. It seems like they put up the Christmas decorations right next to the Halloween decorations in August. Starbucks rolls out it's Pumpkin Spice Latte earlier and earlier every year too. I've always been a traditionalist. I wait for October to start celebrating or even thinking about Halloween, November for Thanksgiving, and December for Christmas. Lost in all of the holiday hullabaloo is Thanksgiving. It seems like it's just an afterthought in between, but it has always been one of my favorites, full of tradition in and of itself!

I love getting up Thursday morning, putting on the Macy's parade, and getting the turkey ready, and coming up with a plan of attack for my meal. I make spiced apple cider in my slow cooker, and have a bottle of wine on the ready. This year, with a new baby, I was excited to include her in the traditions!

Sara is only 4 months old, but she is very aware, and loves watching tv! I'm pretty sure she's drawn to the shapes and colors, and enjoys watching and listening to people on the screen talk. She seemed pretty transfixed watching the Broadway numbers, and looking at all of the pretty floats! My parents, who moved to the state a few years ago, came to the house, and watched the parade with her while I got my meal ready.

In years past, I've always been kind of stressed trying to get all of my dishes ready on time so that my guests wouldn't have to wait forever for dinner. But when purchasing new appliances, I'm really glad I chose my double oven, as it makes cooking multiple dishes at the same time a breeze! I had dinner on the table by 3pm!

Sara is still too little to eat solids, but I still wanted to include her at the table. We sat her in her high chair, gave her her favorite toy to play with, and ate dinner together! She seemed to enjoy sitting with us, and was definitely interested in what we were doing!

The next morning was Black Friday, another tradition I take seriously! I don't get up and go shopping super early with the craziness, but I usually go mid to late morning. I've always enjoyed being around everyone at the mall, and still nabbing a few good deals!

This year, I took Sara with me. I dressed her in a comfy warm outfit, and headed out to one of my favorite stores, Nordstrom Rack. I was mainly shopping for Sara, looking for 12 month size clothes, and I wasn't disappointed! The Rack always has good deals on designers, and I can get them at a fraction of the cost that I would in their main store. Also, if you look really hard, sometimes you can find some real treasures! Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Prada, are just a few of the brands I've found here with affordable prices! Today, I found some great Hudson and True Religion Jeans, as well as a two piece Splendid outfit for Sara, each under $40!

I didn't leave empty handed, either. For myself, I found an oversized orange sweater and some gray skinny jeans, perfect for the season! Afterwards, we went over to the mall for a bit, where I picked up a set of Carter's onesies at Macy's, and wandered around a bit. Sara got a bit upset by some loud music playing at a few stores, and I reassured her that everything was ok, and she soon fell asleep.

We went home, and relaxed for the rest of the day, and watched a few shows on TV. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles and Charlie Brown Thanksgiving are two of my faves that we watch each year. I also started digging out all of the Christmas decorations to deck the halls with.

It was a fun holiday, filled with traditions from turkey to shopping, and football and decorating! As Sara gets older, and her future siblings come along, we will continue to make Thanksgiving one of our most treasured times of year!

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