Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sara's Awesome Easter

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It's been almost a week since Easter, but I've been a little busy lately with work and all. But Easter weekend was packed with good weather and fun! My parents came over for a few days to celebrate with Sara, and I made baskets with yummy candy, and little gifts for the little one!

Of course, I had a few cute outfits set aside for Sara for the weekend. For Good Friday, I dressed her in adorable Peter Rabbit overalls and a bonnet I got from Gymboree. They always have the cutest holiday clothes! Sara's been having some issues with her helmet, so we took it off for the weekend, for which I think she was quite happy, and because so, we were able to put her cute hats on her!

Saturday night, I set up an adorable Easter basket spread after everyone went to bed. I laid out colorful pastel tissue paper, and for the adults, baskets with all kinds of sweet treats, including chocolate bunnies, peeps and Cadbury eggs. For Sara, the "Easter Bunny" brought her some baby appropriate gifts. Gerber cereal puffs, an easter chick rattle, and a cute little stuffed bunny announcing "My First Easter 2017," and a cute pink rain jacket from the Target brand, Cat and Jack!

Sunday morning, I dressed Sara in her adorable yellow dress, and we all went to see what the Bunny had left us! Sara loved playing with the plastic eggs, and was even trying to get into the chocolate! I definitely ate too much candy!

Sunday was also a really sunny and warm day, so I took the opportunity to get some much needed yard work done. While I had my pot roast cooking in the oven, I went outdoors and got our yard looking spring ready! Sara stayed indoors playing with her Grandma and Grandpa and watching cartoons on TV.

After I finished in the yard, we all sat down for a delicious Easter meal of roast and all of the trimmings. Sara is eating solids now, but she's still not up to eating table food. Even so, she still sat at the table with us in her own chair, and ate her own meal of baby food. She loves participating in family meals!

After dinner, we all dug into our candy again and watched some movies before bed. Sara definitely enjoyed having all of the family around, and enjoyed her low key Easter day! Gymboree Sale On Now!

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Sara Gets Her Helmet

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you may have noticed some pictures I posted of Sara wearing her little purple helmet. Stemming from her injuries at birth, we had to position her a certain way for a few months, and she developed a flat spot on her head. I was hoping that her head would round out a bit on its own, but it didn't. So after a consultation with her doctor, we decided to go forward with cranial band treatment. It was a long time coming, but needed. The reasons being that if she ever plays sports later in life, she would need to wear a helmet that fit her properly. 
After several visits to an orthotics clinic and several rounds of scans, Sara was fitted with her little helmet. I was worried that it would bother her, or worse, hurt her, but luckily, she doesn't seem to mind it. Having something like this on my head for 23 hours a day would drive me nuts, as I can't even wear a baseball cap without getting a headache! But Sara's such a trooper! She really doesn't even seem to notice it! 
She recently learned to crawl, and has started to pull herself up on the furniture to stand, and I'm happy that her helmet hasn't slowed her down! But alas, I'm hoping that she doesn't have to wear it that long. The average length is four months, and I'm crossing my fingers that she'll be done with it by her birthday in late July. Until then, we'll just roll with it!

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