Monday, April 30, 2018

Our Day Out Together

Sara loves getting out of the house on the weekends, and I love spending time with her out and about, so this past Sunday, I took her to one of her favorite places, Seattle Aquarium! She's been a few times. She went to a Christmas Party there, and also met a seal face to face there last spring when she went!

She's big enough now to walk around on her own, so I figured I'd let her lead the way in exploring all of the undersea wonders. She loves the floor to ceiling tank in the lobby, as that is the first thing you see when you come in.

From there, we headed back to the touch tanks and rock pools, which surprisingly, she wasn't interested in. I held her up to touch the starfish and and coral, but she didn't want any part of it! Next, we checked out the octopus and jellyfish, which she throughly enjoyed! Especially the jellyfish. She likes the glass walk-thorough tunnel!

We then wandered to the Tropical Reef, which she got a big kick out of running through again and again! This is my favorite exhibit too. I just love the beautiful, colorful tropical fish, and I could spend hours watching them!

After looking at the "pretty fishies," Sara discovered a quiet corner set up with brightly colored chairs and illustrated children's books, and she climbed into one of the chairs to check them out. I let her chill here for awhile before we went to see the rest of the animals, which  included birds, seals, and otters.

The seals were happily swimming around, but today they weren't on the rock ledge in their enclosure, where Sara got up close and personal last year, when one jumped up there to check her out. But still, she enjoyed watching them!

Sara sitting and watching the seals swim

After going through the rest of the aquarium, we still had some time, and the weather was warming up, so I took Sara for a little walk along the waterfront. One of the cruise ships was docked, so I took her to see it. Those ships are so big, it's like standing next to a high rise! They really are cool to see!

We went back towards Miner's Landing to admire the Great Wheel, which I totally plan on riding this Summer with Sara! I also let her watch the Carousel, which I think she was pretty amazed by!

We checked out a few of the shops inside, had some fish and chips and ice cream, and took in the beautiful downtown cityscape before heading home. It was late afternoon by then, and I think Sara really enjoyed herself because she napped hard on the drive back!

I'm really looking forward to this Summer, because we will have many more adventures together!

I made a little music video recapping our Aquarium Date together. Please check it out!

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