Monday, May 28, 2018

Baking Unicorn Cupcakes

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I love baking treats whenever I can. Cupcakes are some of my favorites to make, because they're quick to whip up, and are a great sized little dessert for any occasion! I recently was made aware of the cutest baking decorations, sold by Illusive Supplies, that were perfect! They consisted of a set of cupcake wraps and unicorn themed decor, enough for two dozen cupcakes, and also some cute unicorn decor for a cake, which will be perfect for Sara's upcoming birthday!

Last weekend, I decided to make some cupcakes, and they turned out so cute! I used fun-fetti mix, and made the prettiest rainbow frosting. I used the wraps and unicorn inserts, and I was so pleased with how beautiful they turned out! They were almost too pretty to eat! Almost...

Sara loved them, and we snacked on them all week! I just made my cupcakes on a random weekend, but I was thinking that they would be perfect for birthday parties, or a special event, like celebrating Spring, or a baby shower too! They were so adorable!

The cake decorations that were included with the packet are very well made! The horn and ear inserts are completely reusable, and will make for a beautiful birthday cake this Summer, so I'm saving them for then. 

I would definitely recommend these decorations for a special occasion, or just any occasion, as they are just so darn cute!

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