Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Perfect SUV for a Growing Family

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This past week, I got a chance to try out a new vehicle, and I was quite impressed! The Infiniti QX60 (formerly the JX35) is a stylish, roomy SUV with seating for seven.
There were so many things I loved about this SUV, that I don't even know where to start! I guess I'll start by saying just how much room there is. This car had two very comfortable seats for the driver and passenger, with both a heating and cooling feature which is awesome for using year round. The middle bench seat offers plenty of leg room for passengers, and can slide forward and fold, independently, for easy access to the third row seat. The seats also recline for comfort. Another thing I'll note is that if you have a forward facing child seat, it does not need to be uninstalled in order to fold the seat forward. 

The third row seats were also quite large in size, and an adult could easily access them and sit comfortably. I didn't utilize the third row while I had the SUV, however, as I kept them folded down in order to have more room for my stroller and groceries. 

The controls on the vehicle were quite advanced! This car came with all of the technical bells and whistles. It had navigation, satellite radio, and both a back up camera, and a surround camera system to make parking easier. It came with driver assistants such as Distance Control, which helps keep the vehicle at a safe distance from other cars, a lane departure warning, which lets you know if you are drifting out of your lane, and a collision warning, which lets you know if you are approaching a stationary or slow moving object, like another car, too quickly. All of these features are also available on my own SUV, but one of the new features that I don't have that the QX60 does, is the blind spot warning. 

This feature is a small light on the inside of each mirror that would light up as another vehicle approached you from the side, and then proceeded to pass. If you are thinking that this would be distracting, it's actually not. I barely noticed it as I was looking forward, and I was thankful for the extra piece of mind when I was looking to change lanes. In the Seattle area, we have wide freeways, and it has been raining quite a bit, making visibility poor at times. The blind spot warning light gave me the added security of knowing when the lanes next to me were clear, and it was safe to switch. 

This model of the QX60 that I had was also equipped with the premium package which included a Bose surround sound speaker system,  ECO mode, to save fuel on long road trips, Snow Mode, which helps you immensely if you are driving in deep snow, and a cool 3D forward display. And of course, it comes with Bluetooth technology for hands free access to your phone. 

The Infiniti QX60 is a great family car for anyone, and with a starting price around $43,000 for a base model, it is pretty reasonably priced for a luxury brand. I loved this car, and all of the features that came with it! Some, I'm familiar with, like the camera system, the driver assistant systems, and navigation. And some were new to me, like having a third row seating and the blind spot warning lights. The only cons about this SUV were that when the third row of seats are being used, there's not much cargo space. I doubt I could have fit my stroller in there. Also, this vehicle does not come with an option to upgrade to a V8 engine. I love the "pin you in your seat" feeling that I get when I step on the gas in my FX, which I did get with the V8 option. The QX60 only comes with a 3.5L V6. It's peppy, but not as much as it would be with the stronger engine. Other than that, this is a great car, and when my needs change, and I require a vehicle with a lot more room than my current SUV, I will definitely remember the time I spent driving this QX60, and put it at the top of my list! 

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